Bin Gui

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I am now an assistant professor at Tsinghua University, Yau Mathematical Sciences Center.

My name in Chinese: 归斌/歸斌


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Research Interests 🧐

I am a mathematician working in areas related to 2d conformal field theories, including vertex operator algebras, conformal nets (more generally, algebraic quantum field thoery, which uses the methods of von Neumann algebras and subfactors), tensor categories, etc.

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The following articles are listed in the order they were finished and submitted to arXiv. The arXiv indentifiers (YYMM.NNNNN) indicate the time of submission. Note that the preprints on this website might be more updated than the arXiv versions.

Notes 🥱

In this monograph we give a complex-analytic approach to the theory of conformal blocks for VOAs. Part of this note has been adapted to form the main body of my article Convergence of Sewing Conformal Blocks. The section on (multi) propagation of conformal blocks has been expanded and explained in more details in the article Sewing and Propagation of Conformal Blocks.

We give a detailed and self-contained exposition of the topics indicated in the title of this monograph. I origianally planned to give a course “Unbounded Operators in Conformal Field Theories” at Yau Mathematical Sciences Center in 2022 Spring, but have since changed the course topic to VOAs and conformal blocks. This monograph is the outcome of the preparation of that course.

These are the lecture notes for my course Vertex Operator Algebras, Conformal Blocks, and Tensor Categories given at Yau Mathematical Sciences Center in 2022 Spring.